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Warning: This game has explicit adult content! (+18)

A.I.D.A. is currently in development! Version 0.155 is out now! (Updated 24th of  August 2022)

Version 0.101 is now free to download!

Detailed updates and news on my Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Paccsu

A.I.D.A. is still work in progress! But here's some features it will have or has already!:

  • Crafting and  building  stuff!
  • Animated & CG Scenes! Lewd ones!  Currently  36 scenes!
  • Customizable  Heroine  with  Plenty  of  Slots to  Fill!
  • Big  Boobs!  Big  Butts!
  • Monsters! Robots! Big Monsters! Big Robots!
  • Original Story! Hopefully good!
A.I.D.A. is a parody and is to be treated as such under parody laws lmfao sup Todd. All the characters in the game are atleast 18 years old and passed the Harkness Test. This project is a work of fiction. All the names, places, characters and events are a product of my imagination. - Zem

In this game you take control of A.I.D.A., an robutt built up by an escaped scientist from a mean group of tech-hoarding crazies. He ran away from this group, because they couldn't understand his fascination for robots, giving them curves and whatnot. This mean group captures the scientist,  but unbeknownst to them, the freak radioactive thunderstorm in the area is set to wake our robot up. The storm hits, turning A.I.D.A. on, powering up her battery. Here starts her adventure in the wild, radioactive wasteland, filled with dangers unimaginable. It's the year 2295 and the world is still recovering from the nuclear war, over 200 years ago. What can a single robot do in this cursed, irradiated world? Let's find out!

A.I.D.A. is a special kind of robutt, able to learn and upgrade herself with anything she can find; From another robots to abandoned old terminals, she can find uses for all kinds of technology. You will be able to upgrade her personality and/or combat skills. She can also change her looks too, as she is highly modifiable. Plenty of slots!

Movement/Menu Navigation = Arrow Keys
<strong></strong>Open Menu/Cancel/Go Back/ Close Menu = X
Use Key/Select Item = Z
Full Screen = F4<strong>

You can use your old saves in the new version by copying the save folder from the old version into the new game directory. Save folder is located in AIDA #.###/www/ 

Updating the game:

1. Download newest version

2. Extract it to a new location(Use Winrar or something similar) (Do not extract it to the same location as the old one, do not merge any files)

Have fun!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

A.I.D.A. 0.155 (.RAR) 339 MB
A.I.D.A. 0.155 (.ZIP) 352 MB
A.I.D.A. 0.155 (Mega.co.nz) (RAR)
A.I.D.A 0.155 (Mega.co.nz) (ZIP)
AIDA 0.155 Changelog.txt 14 kB

Download demo

A.I.D.A. 0.101 (.RAR) 302 MB
A.I.D.A. 0.101 (.ZIP) 315 MB
A.I.D.A. 0.101 Mega.co.nz (.RAR)
A.I.D.A. 0.101 Mega.co.nz (.ZIP)
AIDA 0.101 Changelog.txt 12 kB

Development log


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For $5 this game is totally worth it, really in depth and gives you a challenge. The art itself is gorgeous and really nice to see. Buy if you can!


Can you reopen the door here? 
I couldn't read the article and just left..

No, that means the mission is complete. Thankfully there is nothing really important inside lol.


This is a really fun game, never thought I'd get so attached to the characters, props man

I also wanted to quickly address that Aida's Personality Module V.1 doesn't affect the "Robotics Expert" scene in Aida's Memory Room

Is there a Road map of the game progress?

There is, but it's inside my head and it's a little bit chaotic  ha ha but that's just how I do things.

Will there be foot content? 馃

Kinda wish this game could keep getting updates past the full release, loved it all the way through. Wish we could get more misadventures through the wasteland, but looking forward to the next update all the same ^^

Very good game bro is entertaining and fun you should add inflation please

i just launched the game and all my data is gone. and ive defeated 4 bosses. wtf????

Copy your save folder from the old version to the new version!

(1 edit)

I already have the most updated version. And i transferred the save over to a new one. And i can't get the save again.

Make sure you've actually extracted the whole game from the .zip or .rar file. Don't open the game.exe file from the package.

i did and my save is still gone. :( 

Don't know if someone can do somthing against it but on Gamesofdesire is your 1.55 version in.

Not sure if I can do anything about those sites, there's like hundreds of them.

So, the next update in 3 months?

Hmm what comes first, the rocket on my head, or the update?

we will find out 3 months later. 


I'm now working on the final update for Paccsu, actually!

umm hello. im having problems reloading my most recent save.

So, area with radioactive lakes and Sewers area consumes a lot of memory, causing lags due to the water glowing. Is there a way to solve this issue?

try turning off the lightning effects in the Options.

(1 edit)

where can I get more armor and weapons? also I'm getting error messages? that says it cant find my account. also I'm getting lag in the noxious west.


Is this game going to have futa-on-male stuff in future updates? It would be awesome to see Aida fucking some raider asses and also such sex scenes with npcs

When is the update?

Which version of the game should i download? are they all the same or are they different just asking since I don't know what to do. do i need to download all 5 of them?

They are the same version. I recommend downloading the zip  one.

This game nvr ceases to amaze me with every new updates.

Loving it!

So excited for the next update and lewds. xD

i like how aida got her own story line

I really want to play this game, but unfortunately I don't have a PC. And one stupid question are you planning to release the game on Android

how do i transfer my save data again i cant figure out which file to move

I believe you drag the save folder from the www folder of the old one and just put it into the new one, as the new one shouldn't have any saves

Is there a way to open the door in the cloning facility? It always says error when trying to open it.

I think no

I think once its locked, its locked for good for now, I think mine got glitched but gonna try it again later too :> hope it goes well for ya

Love both games so far, good work! Also, i do have a question, how would you get to the West Church? 

Spoilers in case: As the quest for the communicator shows to the vault, which I fought my way up to the top, and put it there, but still shows i need to place it in the vault? I know its a hard quest, but I've been going crazy for a week now trying to find this church xd Thanks again <3


West Church is in the West of downtown ruins.

Thanks, I will go and search for it!

I have 3 questions

Are you considering installing the game on steam?

Will it be free when the game is fully completed?

how can i get bottom heavy cutscenes


Steam? Yes, when it's  close to finishing/completed.

Free? Well no, I'll probably keep it at the same price as it is now.

Bottom Heavy is a statue in Upperside's party district, inside the museum.

I bought this game already and now its saying i need to buy it again for the latest update...

Weird. Check the store page again? You don't need to buy it again I am sure about that.

go all the way to the top of the page, it'll say "You own this game" with a grey background. Right under that is a download button.

Lets goooo, new update!

yooo update lets go

I played through the very extensive demo, and the games good, but I do have one minor complaint, the Benis module seems pointless, there is only one  cutscene I've encountered that actually uses it (the Mary enemies), everything else is just the same but now you can see robo-balls during it. some enemies don't even have that, it says "enemy removed the Benis module" and plays the default cutscene. I personally would have hoped for a few more things that actually use it, like give Aida a lewd attack that has her being the dom to the enemies, and this will use the benis module on the enemies.  

Of course what I've played isn't the entire game, so maybe there is more use for it in the full version, it's just a little disappointing.

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey man, big fan of both your games!

I have a slight problem: I bought the game in the summer sale, and it worked for a while, but now I downloaded the newest version and none of the previous versions work, including the new one. Do you have any workaround?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: The problem fixed itself

Oh cool. I hope it works from now on lol.

If no one has mentioned it, you can get this and other RPGMMV games running on Linux (and Intel x64 Mac) by downloading the NWJS backend and pasting in the extracted folder. (NWJS is basically a game engine built on top of a Chromium browser bundled with NodeJS.)

You'll need an older version that matches (or close enough) the Windows version that came bundled. (Check the dates). Find them here: https://dl.nwjs.io/

For instance, I'm running a Linux 64 laptop. The AIDA 0.101 release appears to be dated around the time NWJS 0.53.0 came out. So I went to https://dl.nwjs.io/v0.53.0/ and downloaded nwjs-v0.53.0-linux-x64.tar.gz
 . I extracted the NWJS archive into the game folder and ran the game using the nw executable.

Hope this helps!

Where i need to place the comunicator in vault64?

there is an elevator in the upper level of the vault.

wow, this was fun to play. one of the few rpg maker games i enjoyed throughout

cant wait till its completed, and im hoping for more guns (laser gattling gun and missile launchers, fat man etc, maybe swap out an arm for a melee weapon such a ripper or shishkebab), equipment, sidequests and enemies (such as aliens)

i recommend it for players who enjoy parody games (it has better writing than fo4)

it took me about 6 hours to complete the content, but i would see myself playing this for many more hours, at least triple this amount

How do i go to the scene viewer?

Open menu, go to Items -> Important and use item called A.I.D.A. Memory Bank

Hey Paccsu, how close is the new update to finishing?


it is close!



Damn you are making beautiful games ! ^^  Can I do some let's play videos on your games Aida and Paccsu ? (Knowing that I will post the videos on porn plateforms and earn a bit of income from the ads)

Sure, go ahead.

(2 edits) (+3)

I'd like to stress that this is a great game so far. I enjoy games with porn in them. More fun that way. 

The combat is simple, but effective. The world is reasonable, outside of the porn game aspects. The art is great for a one man project. I find it a bit hard to remember the differences between the different tentacle ladies, but the character designs are overall fun. The maps are gorgeous; the clutter well appreciated. The backgrounds and animations for things are great and bring that flair that makes this feel much better than a 0.1 release.

I preface everything I say below with "I recognize the game is still early in development and subject to radical changes."

I quote the most important section of the pitch; "A.I.D.A. is a special kind of robutt, able to learn and upgrade herself ... You will be able to upgrade her personality and/or combat skills. She can also change her looks too, as she is highly modifiable. Plenty of slots!"

At this point, the design philosophy doesn't seem to support that as such a selling point. That reads of variability in who A.I.D.A. is, not just a linear upgrade system. Considering the Advanced Plasma pistol can be acquired the moment you get to the first vendor, and it can easily carry you all the way through, the "personality vs combat" upgrade is hardly a choice. Just get the sex, cause you don't need the stats. I was hoping for some dynamism to it. Self-adaptation from observing things and people, "old terminals", and radiation/sex induced data corruption. A good/evil, sub/dom sort of system. Instead, it's a linear upgrade of "increases lewdness".

Same thing for the body upgrades. There's very few at the moment, but currently nothing that has any decision making to it. It's a linear upgrade from one to the next. Not bad, but it feels like you're overselling a basic equipment system and character progression, rather than playing into what's been advertised.

Additionally, resources are so plentiful that caps are useless. Especially since you acquire so many weapons from scavenging. I'd recommend a money sink of some sort. By the end of existing content, I have every weapon and 10k caps. And that's with having sold nothing.

(1 edit) (+2)

1.101 is pretty damn good so far it was worth buying and I will be waiting for the next versions but besides my request for "Upgraded" breast/ass/cock modules. Please PLEASE add something with the giant thicc Rockclaw shopkeep and the benis module SHE'S SO HOT


Or more stuff with the Rockclaws, that would work too.

(1 edit) (+4)

Ideas for Paccsu cause I'm loving this. 

Changes that should be made;

  • Buttcharger 3000 should be moved to Skills as it's a permanent item when you unlock it. Emergency Power Supply is debatible.
  • Action Points should just be Action as it's literally just Aida performing an Action with her weapon.

Ideas for Skins;

  • GLaDOS (Portal)
  • Arcee (Transformers)
  • Tali'Zorah [Masked] (mass effect 3)
  • 2b (NieR: Automata, maybe like an outfit like 2b's)

Ideas for Gun & Gun Upgrades

  • Riot Gun (Shotgun upgrade. Suppress all raiders. Increases Ranged Damage by 66. Deals Physical Damage Adds Actions "Buckshot", "Suppressive Fire", and "Shotgun Slug")
    • Buckshot - Hits 3 random targets. Cost 10 AP.
    • Suppressive Fire - Hits 3 random targets and may cause Bleed. Cost 15 AP.
    • Shotgun Slug - Hits 1 Target. High Damage Ignores Defense Stats. Cost 30 AP
  • Dirty Hairy (Hand cannon style weapon with Dr. Jiggleton's engraved name on the side. Increases Ranged Damage by 4. A replacement for the starter weapon. Deals Physical Damage. Adds Actions, "Double Shot" and "Unload")
    • Double Shot - Fires at 1 target twice or two targets once. Cost 10 AP
    • Unload - Unload 6 rounds into an enemy, if the enemy dies move on to the next target. Cost 20 AP

Thanks for the ideas n  suggestions! They're pretty cool.


You're welcome. I may add more as they come to me.


Oh, also, I've found a minor glitch with Vault 64, the "!" above the gate doesn't disappear after I've completed the quest for it.

Ideas for Skins;

  • GLaDOS (Portal)
  • Arcee (Transformers)
  • Tali'Zorah [Masked] (mass effect 3)


Those three I would fucking love to see! especially GLaDOS

I would like to see a skin of a robotic rockclaw to be added with some reactions from the Rockclaws!


For the GLaDOS skin though, I would love to see it be part of a hidden place where you get locked inside of a facility, and have to complete puzzles and such and then fight a boss that could be GLaDOS herself or Wheatley, and lore wise, it could be an old facility made by TECH when they first became a thing and such.

damm, these are cool ideas


This is one of the best games I've ever played and I only played the demo... I love the work you've done here because I have dreamed of things like this for years! The only thing that could make it better in my eyes is if you could choose/change your size on Breasts/Ass/Cock but I don't expect that due to the process of doing so would be quite annoying... Either way Good Job!

(1 edit)

Size changing may be possible with unlockable items, like an upgrade to the Nipple Plates and Benis Module, and a Leg Module, which isn't in the game's current version.

how can i finsh the quest following orde

and scanning with wasteland

(1 edit)

Are there any modules for the arms or legs?

not yet!


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