A.I.D.A. 0.155 Release!

A.I.D.A. 0.155 Changelog:

Main Quest:

  • Firefight in Mean City (OOT and Raiders fighting in Mean City)

Side Quest:

  • Corporate Punishment (Explore the Underground prison in the Buttweave Desert)*
  • Jenni's New Hardware #1 (Jenni has some new hardware for Aida***)

New Areas:

  • Mean City (East, West, Center, South)
  • Raidercity Banditown - South (Valentina's House**)
  • Underground Prison

New Enemies:

  • TECH Rifleman (Mean City- Center)
  • TECH Pistoler (Mean City- Center)
  • TECH Elite Pistoler (Mean City- Center)

New Scenes:

  • Aida & the Nerd Part 2, 2 animated scenes (Armageddon City, Residential)
  • Aida gives man a hand, animated scene (Armageddon City, Agricultural Section)
  • Jenni Oogles Aida (CG)


  • BOSS VS! Artwork added to all of the bosses! You can view the boss art in the gallery aswell.
  • BAD END (M) Added lol lmao gl hf* (hint: you can escape)
  • Can be entered if you've freed Valentina before entering Mean City Center**
  • Available after the firefight in mean city***
  • Uzi-10: Slightly lowered the chance to hit (still op)
  • TECH Annihilator (boss): Slightly buffed damage



A.I.D.A. 0.155 (.RAR) 339 MB
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A.I.D.A. 0.155 (Mega.co.nz) (RAR)
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A.I.D.A 0.155 (Mega.co.nz) (ZIP)
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31 days ago

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can you transfer saves?

Yes, just copy the "save" folder from the old version to the new one.

Fug yee😈

Let's ducking gooo, new update is out!

Love this game so far! So fun!!