Paccsu 0.22 Update!

Paccsu 0.22 Changelog:

New in Paccsu 0.22!:

The main story continues as Namu and her friends are sent to the city of Vaina'ja, where they must find a representitive of Clan Tiss'i, inside the Grand Arena. Clan Tiss'i has one of the key artifacts in their possession and they hold the Champion title in the Arena, so Namu must fight her way to the top to be the Grand Champion!

New Areas:

  • City of Vaina'ja
  • The Battlegrounds 
  • The Grand Arena

New Enemies:

  • Vera "The Murderer" Glarionette

New Lewd Scenes:

  • Kiva's Creamy Surprise, Kiva Blowjob (Sata'ma)


  • Ran'ta Special Shop in Town of Ran'ta (Muh'kea) now sells a Ran'ta Teleportation Device
  • Maria Elfenbooben has her own standing picture now
  • Absorb Willpower (Namu, lvl 20), Damage increased. Increased TP cost from 10 to 22.
  • Buffed Mighty Blade of Awesomeness a little
  • Fixed Nethersword (Now actually applies Agility and Evasion debuffs)
  • Small changes to existing weapons (Mostly buffs!) Also, updated the descriptions.
  • Fire Slash, Flame Slash and Scorching Slash cost now less, like the other Elemental attacks.(8,16,24)
  • Encourage (Namu,lvl 31) Now buffs Namu's stats by 33% instead of 25% and also lasts 5 turns instead of 4.
  • Namu receives a new power called Challenge!(Lvl 34). Defense Increase, Attack Decrease. Tank Ability. Instant Cast
  • Namu learns a passive buff called Defiance at lvl 35. Permanent 10% HP Increase.
  • Purnima receives a new power called Flash Bomb (Lvl 33). Blind, Paralyze, Stun. Physical Damage to All Enemies.
  • Purnima receives a new power called Dance of the Shadows (Lvl 34). Massive Damage to all enemies.
  • Purnima learns a passive buff called Nimble at lvl 35. Permanent 5% Evasion Rate Increase
  • Kiva receives a new power called Slime Parasite (Lvl 33). Paralyze, Massive Damage-Over-Time.
  • Kiva receives a new power called Slimewall (Lvl 34). Enemy Damage and Hit Chance debuff.
  • Kiva learns a passive buff called Reinforced at lvl 35. Permanent 10% Physical Defense Increase.
  • Kiva has an extra Ring slot now and you can unequip her special ring aswell.
  • Itty bitty things

Bug fix:

  • Fixed the Gallery version of Namu Butt Tentacle Sideway(Bandit Warlock) View-scene so it won't remove the Battle HUD
  • Purnima's Sucker Punch (Lvl 32) damage is now based on Attack not Magic Attack. (oops)
  • Ray of Dog (Ring) actually applies "Illuminated" to enemies now.
  • Sarianne will now actually vanish correctly after taking enough damage. (lol)

Save Included:

  • Slot 20 (Palmenbutten Mansion Done)


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May 18, 2020
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May 18, 2020
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May 18, 2020
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May 18, 2020

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