Paccsu 0.2666 Update!

Paccsu 0.2666 Changelog!

  • Main Quest: Halls of Muh'kea/Muh'kea Mountains 

The END IS NEAR as Namu infiltrates the Muh'kea Mountains while her friends from Kingdom of Ruo'ho invade Muh'kea. Namu needs to find the Portal of Undying which will take her and her friends to The Castle Undying where the Undying King is waiting ... 

After you've done recruiting Mainio, Kaupun'ki and Kulma'la, go to Sata'ma and talk to Jasquel at the docks to get started!

Muh'kea Halls is the first part of the final quest of the game! 

New Areas:

  • Muh'kea Mountains, Halls Of Muh'kea

New Enemies:

  • Key Keeper "Torch" (Boss)
  • Key Keeper "Eyes" (Boss)

New Lewd Scenes:

  • Kiva Boobjob (The Battlegrounds, Bar)
  • Slime Mother Tentacle, Namu (Slimewall "The Mommy" - Slimeforest)


  • Regular Attack now gives you 8TP instead of 5TP.
  • Non-quest related journals and things you can interract with now have their own unique symbols.
  • Removed Slime Boob Attack from Slime Mother
  • Kiva receives a new power called Massive Slime Spike (lvl 39), Applies Bleed and Shredded to enemy.
  • Kiva receives a new power called Holy Slime Ball (lvl 40), Deals Light Damage
  • Kiva receives a new power called Cheer On! (Lvl 41) Ally Attack+Defense buff, HP Regen, Heal.
  • Kiva learns a passive buff called Elemental Slime (Lvl 42) Permanent 10% Elemental Resistance
  • Namu receives a new power called Arousing Appearance (lvl 39), Applies Fascinated to enemies. Butts!
  • Namu receives a new power called Hurricane Slash (lvl 40), Deals High Wind Damage. Applies Disorient.
  • Namu receives a new power called Flex (Lvl 41), All Enemies: Attack, Defense, Agility, Luck Debuff. Instant Cast.
  • Namu learns a passive buff called Muscularity (Lvl 42), Permanent 5% Attack stat increase
  • Purnima receives a new power called Poison Gas (lvl 39), Applies Poison and Plague'd to enemies.
  • Purnima receives a new power called Ready to Pounce! (lvl 40) 10% Critical Chance and Attack Damage increase 1 turn.
  • Purnima receives a new power called Poisoned Shuriken (Lvl 41), Bleed, Poison, Ignores Defense.
  • Purnima learns a passive buff called Agile Like a Cat (Lvl 42), Permanent 20% Agility Increase.
  • "Fascinated" now lowers target's defenses and it's a bit harder to break.(from 50% chance to 33%)
  • Increased the damage of Slimapocalypse (Kiva)
  • Dance of the Shadows (Purnima) No longer costs 1 extra MP and it hits 5 times instead of 6. Damage slightly lowered.
  • Slimewall (Kiva) Now debuffs enemy stats 25% instead of 33%.
  • Ethereal Strike (Purnima) Damage Increased.
  • Ittybitty things.

Bug Fix:

  • Magic Shopkeeper in Kaupun'ki will no longer turn invisible after you've finished Mainio Excavation Site mission
  • Mainio Gate Guard will now move if you interract with him the second time (If you haven't talked to Emperor yet)
  • (Purnima's quest) Losing to the Bountyhunter will no longer get you stuck and results in a game over.
  • Watching Key Keeper "Slasher" scenes in the gallery will no longer remove HUD.

Save Included:

  • Slot 20 (Gathering Forces done, Invasion ready!)



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