Paccsu 0.9665 Update!

New in Paccsu 0.9665!

Kulma'la Bath is finally open!

New Lewd Scene

  • Kulma'la Bath, Namu Wet Butt

  • Kulma'la Bath, ((GLORY)) HOLE (Animated) Twitter 

New Areas:

Hero Manor (West Mainio)

Hero Manor is the Emperor's special gift to Namu and her friends. In Hero Manor you can enable NewGame+! In here you get all the future quests of the game.

New Game+!

In the Hero Manor you can enable New Game+! When you start a new game with this save, you get some new starting gear and bonuses:

  • Neugaam Ploos (Sword)
  • Four-Leaf Clover (Ring)
  • Special outfit for Namu! (2% Increase to all stats, 2% increase to max HP)
  • A special item that lets you control your running/walking speed.
  • Permanent 25% Bonus to Experience Gain
  • 500000g
  • Special skill called "Lewd Me Up" which turns enemies super horny and will only use lewd attacks, this also makes them immune to defeat, so be aware of that. (Doesn't work on enemies without lewd attacks)
  • All the Namu's outfits unlocked from the start

How to make NewGame+ Save and starting a new game with it: 

  • 1. Use the NG+ machine upstairs of the mansion
  • 2. Choose a save slot, save
  • 3. Go to Main Menu
  • 4. Load the save you just saved

Here's the list of the stuff you'll (hopefully) find in your New Game+! NOT GONNA TELL WHERE...

  • The Sissy Stinger (Dagger)
  • Undying Thunder (Dagger)
  • Wall of Skulls (Large Shield)
  • Three-Skulls (Ring)
  • Giant's Arm (Small Shield)
  • Emperor's Ring (Ring(Ring))
  • Ball of Thunda (Ring)
  • Spring-Cover (Large Shield)
  • Mirror Orb (Orb)
  • Rubengolden (Orb)
  • Tower of the Blessed (Large Shield)

I'll add more stuff in the future!

New Custom Outfits:

  • Maht'ava outfit for Namu (Complete Invasion of Mainio(Defeat Maht'ava))

  • Goo Tape & Oily Goo (full) outfits for Namu (Complete Imprisoned in Ooze, defeat Ooze Queen)

  • Bunny outfit for Namu (Location: The Battlefunn Bar, The Battlegrounds

  • Slimecore Armor (Kallo Tower Top, Defeat Slimewall "The Mommy")

  • Golden (New Game+!)


  • Elite/Shadow/Undying Undead Sorceress Tentacle All The Way Through scene with Namu is now fixed with looping parts
  • Princess Fancy-Tail's bathing scene is now included in the gallery/Namu's memory room
  • Purnima sticking her behind in Elder's son's face is now included in the gallery/Namu's memory room
  • Updated the encounter with Maht'ava on top of the Kallo Tower with Namu's, Kiva's and Maht'avas cutscene pics
  • You can now enter the Cathedral in Mainio (joke event)
  • Slight changes made to the Status page(removed unnecessary information, made it a bit neater)
  • Added 3 pieces of art by Gross-Mind in the ending credits!
  • Removed that pool of purple goo behind the Kaupun'ki Inn so it won't damage player lmffao
  • Made some balancing changes to Thousand Cuts/Million Cuts and Purnima's Kunai Storm.
  • Buffed Arcanition (MP gain from 25% to 33% + 1% MP gain every turn for 3 turns)
  • Slightly lowered HP and damage of the Shark enemies. Decreased their Thunder and Ice resistances.
  • Purnima learns Meditation at level 30(with Throat Cut)
  • Purnima can now equip large shields
  • Increased Purnima's overall Agility and Attack
  • Increased Damage of Viper's Fangs (Purnima)
  • Slightly Increased Damage of Backstab (Purnima)
  • Shredding Claws lasts now 4 turns instead of 3 (Purnima)
  • Namu's outfits now have small bonuses

Bug Fix:

  • Removed the "here ends 0.92" message lmao
  • The outfits will now appear in the cutscene with the Snake Guard (Forgotten Temple Entrance)
  • Vhetae Witchy's Special Attack will now appear in the gallery once you have witnessed it NOW FOR REAL
  • Talking to Lehava Skinny-Tail in Mainio now displays all Namu's costumes while talking to her
  • Protective Slimebubble can't be dodged with Magic Evasion anymore (Kiva)

Save Included:

  • Slot 20 (Hall to Undying King's Throne Room)


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Jul 05, 2021
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Jul 05, 2021
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Jul 05, 2021

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He asks how to do New Game + Save and start a new game with him. I say because I don't know where the NG machine is.

The entrance to the Hero Mansion is in West Mainio, next to Namu's house.