Paccsu 0.23 Update!

Paccsu 0.23 Changelog:

Main Quest: Tulijoki Tower

  • Story continues as Shaaden sents Namu and her friends to activate ancient portals on northern side of the fiery river of lava. Namu has to travel through the destroyed underground city and face the utterly murderous Lava Fiends.

Main Quest: Gathering an Army

  • After Namu have fixed the ancient portals in Tulijoki Towers, Namu and her friends have set up a camp near the Castle Undying. While sitting by the fire, they realize that they will be grossly outnumbered if they attack the castle alone. They need the help of their friends. So, Namu has to go back to Kingdom of Ruo'ho and gather her allies for the final battle.

New Side Quest:

  • The Greath Chasm/The Sleeping One

The newly opened  shop in North Ran'ta is selling a mysterious instrument called Flute of the Void. It is said if you play this flute at The Great Chasm, you will wake up The Sleeping One...  

New Areas:

  • Tulijoki Passage
  • The Great Chasm
  • Muh'kean Mountains Camp

New Enemies:

  • Lava Fiend
  • Lava Knight
  • Lava Mommy
  • The Sleeping One
  • Undying Versions of The Undead

New Lewd Scenes:

  • Game Over: Namu, Undead. This scene plays when you're defeated by The Undead
  • Purnima breaks into a house (South Mainio, requires Purnima to be in party)


  • The box where you get the Hyena Key from no longer says "Evidence Locker Key"
  • Supercharged Lich's Orb now actually gives you 80% Darkness Resistance instead of 20%.
  • Lowered Light Resistance of Slasher and Mommy Sorceress.
  • Defeating Slasher and Mommy Sorceress will now unlock their scenes in the gallery.
  • Kiva receives a new power called Slimapocalypse (Lvl 36) Super-Massive Physical Damage to All Enemies!
  • Kiva learns a passive buff called Destroyer (Lvl 37) Magic Attack & Slime Damage increased 10% permanently.
  • Kiva receives a new power called Full Heal (Lvl 38). Heals you, or one of your party members to full health.
  • Purnima receives a new power called Ethereal Strike (Lvl 36) Super-Massive Physical Damage to 1 target!
  • Purnima learns a passive buff called Precision (Lvl 37), Critical Chance increased 5% permanently.
  • Namu receives a new power called Divine Slash (Lvl 36), Deals Light Damage and applies Illuminated.
  • Namu learns a passive buff called Indestructible (Lvl 37), Defense & Magic Defense increased 5% permanently.
  • Namu receives a new power called Mother Nature's Blessing (Lvl 38). 50% Resistance to Fire,Ice,Wind,Earth,Thunder.
  • Judgment of the Golden Dragon (Namu) now applies -20% Light Debuff instead of -5%.
  • Slimopolooza (Kiva) heals allies 33% of their HP instead of 30%.
  • Slime Parasite (Kiva) now has a 50% chance to Paralyze instead of 100% NERF!!
  • Epic Health Potion heals 1800 HP instead of 1500.
  • Full Heal can now heal other party members aswell not just the caster.
  • Increased HP of most of the bosses.
  • Purnima's starting level increased from 22 to 23.
  • Ooze Mission requires both of the Sewer mission and Bewbtek facility to be completed (As it should've been). To avoid confusion, I've added some dialogue for Jasquel and the professor to help.
  • Quest Items: Keys and other items are now deleted when you don't need them anymore.
  • Plenty of quality of life stuff
  • Itty bitty things

Bug Fix:

  • You can no longer go through the Hyena Gate in Van'ki Prison without using the key lol
  • Fixed the bug where player gets stuck if you talk to the Sleeping Dragon from behind.
  • Fixed the guard in Castle Kulma'la West so you don't get stuck if you talk him from the left side lel

Save Included:

  • Slot 20 (Grand Arena Finished)


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