Paccsu 0.9555 Update! Final Battle is now LIVE!

Paccsu 0.9555 Changelog:


Main Quest: Final Battle, The Undying King

Namu and her friends are finally here, inside the Undying King's throne room. The fate of the world is in Namu's hands.

New Areas:

  • Temple of Light Basement(Accessible after the Final Battle)

New Enemies:

  • Zomber (Castle Undying)
  • The Undying King v2
  • The Undying (???)

New Lewd Scene:

  • Zombie&Namu Full nelson (animated, CG - Castle Undying, Zomber)

Custom Outfits!

There is a new room inside Namu's house in Mainio, called Namu's Wardrobe. In here you can find all the custom outfits Namu can wear. You can also unlock all the costumes in here. You can wear the custom outfit just like any piece of equipment from the menu. Custom Outfits will alter Namu's appearance in the cutscenes.

(Not in battle or lewd scenes currently)

Namu's New outfits and how/where to get them:

  • Topless (Namu's Memory Room)
  • Nude (Namu's Memory Room)
  • Ropekini (Ancient Underground City Completed)
  • Ropekini HUGE (Ancient Underground City Completed)
  • Barmaid (Witness both of the Bar scenes in Kaupun'ki)
  • Fancy-Cloth (Complete the Arena and talk to Princess Fancy-Tail)


  • Maht'ava's lewd scene is now updated with looping parts and some little changes.
  • Some typoes fixed
  • New Save/load game interface, 4 more save slots and the ability to delete saves
  • New Battler Sprite for Kiva
  • Renamed "Guardians of Light Temple" to "Temple of Light"
  • You can now view Namu's and Purnima's regular Game Over scenes in Namu's Memory Room (Game Over Room)

Bug Fix:

  • Poison Gas (Purnima) now hits all enemies 1 time instead of 3.
  • That one rat in the Mainio sewer was blocking the player lmao(fixed)

Save Included:

  • Slot 24 (Hallway to Undying King's Throne Room, Pa'ha defeated)



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